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The Crypto Research Center (CRC) makes it easier for academics, finance practitioners and government policy makers to keep up to date with the latest research on cryptocurrencies by providing a comprehensive database of research papers and a podcast that helps to disseminate research findings to a wider audience.

Our mission is to serve as a platform for academic research to reach a wider audience and, thereby, to advance the public understanding and debate about cryptocurrencies.

Why the CRC exists

Cryptocurrencies are a relatively new, budding and highly dynamic phenomenon. By nature, academic research into this area involves a wide range of disciplines, including finance, economics, accounting, law and computer science, which makes it difficult to keep up to date with the latest research.

Most of the existing research is scattered over the internet and, while there exist information services that provide fast-paced and up to date industry news, there is a lack of a central web resource pulling together all the major academic articles on cryptocurrencies in one place.

We aim to serve as a platform dedicated to the objective analysis and impartial discussion of cryptocurrencies.

What the CRC does

The CRC provides:

  • a database for academic articles on cryptocurrencies
  • a community platform for people interested in cryptocurrencies
  • a podcast with in-depth interviews with the authors of notable academic articles

Why we do it

The CRC serves to make it easier to keep up to date with the latest research. We also help disseminate and make new insights from research more accessible to a wider audience, both academic researchers as well as the general public, practitioners and policy makers. Finally, the Center seeks to inform the public discussion and foster a scientific community dedicated to the analysis of cryptocurrencies.

Who we work with

The CRC is currently establishing partnerships with individual researchers as well as people at the following institutions: universities, research institutes, national central banks, national regulatory bodies and international multilateral organisations.

If you wish to become an institutional partner or research associate, please contact us.